I saw some films and a shovel

Estava checando a possibilidade de um gringo entrar no meu blog e meter no GoogleTranslate pra ver o quão mal estou falando deles e isso acabou resultando nesse hilário post:

It closed yesterday 4 months in Sydney. In other words: only 8 months left on my visa. The tranqüilinho the weekend. Finally able to get at Paddy’s Market, bought a few things that need was. I ranch, had almost nothing and I am going home for pro wake early tomorrow and see the Gre-Nal before work. 

Saturday, visited the EGS and Xander. We spent an hour in the pool of puerility of the house, then use the barbecue for some roast beef and chicken heart. Indeed, the heart of chicken here costs 4 dollars a kilo. Nobody ‘s not there for cheer in capitalize on. 

Today, it could have rolled a beach, but woke up too late to get me around. I ended up getting a house, I saw some films and a shovel. I saw Funny Games, VERY BAD, I can say with certainty, even having slept in the first half. 

I also saw a documentary on Tim Maia, throughout my life. Production of Globo, with some rough way again, that being the chubby Malhação the role of Tim Maia, but I really liked it he witnessed. Tim Maia loucão was very even. At least let a hundred beautiful songs for our delight, especially the material of the 70s, there. 

Tomorrow I have a normal working day, but if head, and Tuesday I will shape again. So like my job as a model in this campaign of Tourism NSW. Good for me, enter more bufunfa unexpected.



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